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Introduction on famous wind power equipment manufacturer Part Six and Seven

Repower Systems AG

Founded in 2001, the German company RE power (Repower Systems AG) is a company engaging in research and development, production and assembly on wind turbine business. In the same year, the company was among the top ten global manufacturers of wind turbine and its global share market was over 10% global market. The company has produced the world's largest single offshore wind turbine with 5MW capacity, and the improved to 6MW capacity in 2008. RE power's products have won a large number of orders in Canada, France and other markets. In 2009, RE power’s share market in Germany was close to 10% and become one of the top five wind turbine manufacturers in Germany.
In 2006, RE power entered the Chinese market. They were striking at the fierce competition and quickly won the trust of the market. In 2006, RE power, the Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industries Group, the UK Honiton Energy Ltd. jointly invested and established RE power North Wind Power Equipment Co., Ltd., to manufacture low-temperature type 2MW wind turbine in Inner Mongolia.


Gamesa Group is not only a leader wind turbine manufacturer in the Spanish, but also one of the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers. Moreover, it is tough competitors of Vestas in the Chinese market .

Gamesa Group was established in 1976. It entered the wind power industry around the year of 2000. Initially, the group set up one joint-venture company with Vestas to produce wind turbine. Shortly, Gamesa bought 40% shares of Vestas in the joint venture and terminated partnerships. Since then, the Gamesa Group's rapidly grow in the wind power industry. In addition to wind turbine, Gamesa businesses included wind farm development, construction , and operation. Data was shown that Gamesa has more than half of the market share of wind turbine manufacturer in the Spanish. As of 2008, Gamesa also has a global market share of approximately 12%.

In 2005, Gamesa Group officially entered the Chinese market, and the established Gamesa Wind Power (Tianjin ) Co., Ltd. in the following year, specialized in the manufacture and assembly of the main components of wind turbines. In September of that year , the Tianjin factory started production of wind power equipment, Gamesa Group's installed capacity in China has also increased year by year , as of 2008, Gamesa new installed capacity in China is more than 500,000 kilowatts, about 33% of the totally increasing installed capacity of foreign investment.


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