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Germany Scheuerle new road transport concept III

Scheuerle's new dual lane transport scheme 

Scheuerle as the world's top special vehicle manufacturers, there is no lack of a double lane transport of the mature way, Scheuerle can find all of various modes of transport mentioned above in its product line. But it is impossible that present solutions can be suitable for all of transport projects in the world. It must be in the light of local conditions, continue to listen to the voices from customers, create the most suitable products. Scheuerle do have quite good. The initial demand came from its US customers, Crane Rigging & Sterett, who asked the kerb mass of trailer to be as small as possible, and strong adaptability and flexibility.
Road transport regulations in the United States is very strict, bridges and roads state clear load distribution limit and transport vehicle size, each axle load and wheelbase being clearly defined. And in addition to a unified federal regulations, states can also follow their own definition of the standard to carry out, this would give big trouble to the versatility of the truck.
Focusing on the characteristics of the North American market and customer demand, Scheuerle tailored to create a new double lane Trailer, HighwayGiant, which strong flexibility can meet the different needs of all parties. Currently HighwayGiant in most states in the United States has been approved to use, and leads the new standards of the type of vehicle.





Equipped with gooseneck components HighwayGiant two lane semi trailers

XIAN HYZERHighwayGiant Structural details


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