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ALE overcome the "China's strict rules of the ship" problem, successful completion of the task

Recently, British heavy transport experts ALE company with an innovative solutions overcome transport routes problem in China, successfully delivered two evaporators made in China to Kuwait power plant of a seawater desalination in construction. 

After shipped out from factory, the two evaporators must firstly pass 45km of water transport, and then be loaded into one ship of ALE sub-contractor, which located in the south of China Nanshn port, nearby Guangzhou. Each evaporator weighs 2600tons.  

One of ALE news released, since there is a very strict regulation for foreign ship to enter into China water, ALE used one China tug and barge combination to deliver the two evaporators to Nansha port.  


After arrival of Nansha port, tug berth by stern to stern, and using internal ballast of two ships, ALE loaded the two evaporators into DONG BANG GIANT vessel by boat to ship mode. After completion of loading, vessel immediately sailed to Kuwait.  

ALE successfully delivered the two evaporators to Kuwait Az-Zour North independent hydropower project. The project includes one 1500MW power plant.


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