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India plans new wind power installed capacity of 3 million kilowatts in 2016

After India’s central government mentioned that new wind power installed capacity will be up to 60 million kilowatts to 2022, many independent power producers and industry players are looking forward to the early introduction of Indian Renewable Energy Policy Guidelines.

The industry believes that if the policy is in the right direction, the further development of the wind energy industry can be vigorously promoted.

President of the Confederation of Indian Industry Godrej Green Business Centre Renewable Energy Council, Ramesh Kymal said: India is in a good position for 9.5 million kilowatts of installed capacity of wind power capacity. In addition, we are ready for new installed capacity of 3million kilowatts this year and another 1.2 million next year.

President of Indian Wind Fan Manufacturers Association of India, Kumar point out that Telangana state of wind power installed capacity can come to 4.5 million kilowatts, and can be implemented in the next three or four years. 

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