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Introduction on famous wind power equipment manufacturer Part Five

Siemens is a large multinational company with 160 year of history. Its headquarter is in Berlin and Munich. It is one of the world’s largest power electronics companies. Electricity is one of the company’s six major business.

In 2004, Siemens has successfully bought Danish company, Bonus Energy A/S. since then, Siemens wind power sector began one of the world’s leading wind turbine suppliers. While the acquisition of Bonus, Siemens got blade patented technology, Integralblades of Bonus, obtained core competitiveness and got Bonus orders on wind turbine equipment and offshore wind farms. Bonus company’s main technical people became technical director of Siemens Wind Energy Department.

After Siemens entered the wind power industry, the United States became the first overseas expansion of its strategic priorities. Texas wind farm placed order of 70 sets of Siemens' production systems. In addition, Siemens wind turbines are also exported to China, India, Canada. Except of the export of wind turbines, Siemens also accelerated overseas expansion through the construction of manufacturing plants to improve its manufacturing capacity worldwide. In 2006, Siemens first wind turbine blade manufacturing plant was set up in Iowa, USA. This was an important step in the company’s global strategic plan. It is understood that Siemens offshore wind power business is strong. At present, Siemens has successfully installed total capacity of over 600 megawatts of wind turbines for seven projects in the world, and is performing a series of orders with total capacity of 3300MW. Siemens not only designed and manufactured the world's first large-scale floating offshore wind turbines on behalf of the world's most advanced level, but also provided 175 sets of wind turbines with the total installed capacity reaching 630 MW for the world's largest offshore wind farm.

In 2009, Siemens entered the Chinese wind power market. The company invested RMB 581million in Shanghai and established Siemens Wind Power Blades (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with the area of ​​180,000 square meters. According to the plan, for the initial operation, Siemens would produce 2.3 MW and 3.6 MW blade. Annual production capacity of this production base is 500MW. The first wind turbine blade and nacelle factory would be shown during  the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Shanghai's layout is foresight for the future development of offshore wind power.

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