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By 2030, wind power will be a quarter of the electricity supply in the European Union

The European wind energy association publish industry report: By 2030, wind power will be a quarter of the electricity supply in the European Union

Released on September 16, report from the European wind energy association industry shown that, if the members of the European Union's energy and climate commitment to success, wind farms can supply a quarter of the required power in the European Union till 2030.

Despite the current wind power supply about 10% of the EU's electricity, but the European wind energy association estimated that wind power capacity will reach 320 GW in the next 15 years, nearly 25% contribution to the overall power supply of Europe.

"The above forecast is acquired based on many factors, such as,the policy and regulatory aspects, including a clear government governance." the report stated.

On October 28th of last year, the EU member states reached a framework agreement on energy and climate goals. In order to deal more easily, they eventually decided to only reach a framework agreement.

Agreement includes, greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 will be at least 40% reduction in compared with year of 1990 levels, and renewable energy will increase from 20% to at least 27% by 2020.So far, 2030 year renewable energy target is binding only in the European Union.

German renewable energy power generation accounted for more than a quarter, and Germany wants the EU to develop a method .But for other countries, like Britain, which is trying to develop new nuclear projects. Therefore, it is ok to think that countries should be able to select their technology to achieve climate goal.

"Regulatory framework is a key driver. If policymakers set correctly, then the wind power field will be usher in a greater growth. If it's not right, then investment, jobs and climate protection will fall short."The European wind energy association chief policy commissioner, Kristian Ruby said.

The European wind energy association said the deployment of additional wind farms in Europe can create up to 334000 direct and indirect jobs to EU. 

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