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Gamesa wind power market debut in Pakistan

On March 8, 2016, Gamesa in Karachi, Pakistan successfully held wind power technology seminars. Participants from government agencies, wind farm owners, electricity operators, consulting firms, investment companies and research institutes, total more than 100 people, for Gamesa fan product introduction, operation and maintenance experience to share expressed a strong interest.

At the beginning of the seminar, the Spanish Ambassador in Pakistan Mr. Carlos Morales Sanchez made his opening statement and introduced the development of the Spanish wind power industry in detail. Spain is the world's first country to taking wind power as the primary power source. Since 2013, the Spanish wind power is more than 20% of electricity demand every year. Spain is the world's fifth country of wind power development and use. By 2015, the cumulative installed capacity is 23 GW. In Europe, the installed capacity is only after Germany. Spanish renewable energy experience proves good prospects of renewable energy, which is a major contribution to the improvement of human society to achieve sustainable development.

Chairman of the new Energy Development Commission in Pakistan, Mr. Amjad Ali Awan published words of welcome, introduced the development of the country's wind power industry overview; a warm welcome to Gamesa as the representative of the international wind power machine manufacturing companies to join to promote Pakistan's development of wind power ranks.

"Gamesa provides customers with high-quality fans, operation and maintenance services, and flexible EPC cooperation. Gamesa has a global supply center in China, supply chain integrity and flexibility. The fact has proved Gamesa is a trust partner of wind power project, through its own technological advantages to help customers realize the economy. "Mr. Alvaro Bilbao, Gamesa president of the Asia-Pacific region introduced.

At the seminar, Gamesa introduced the 2.0 MW to 5.0 MW product family, especially G114-2.0 MW models which is prominent and suitable for medium and low speed wind zones . Technically, G114’s research and development is based on G97-2.0MW , and use non-integrated system consisting of two dynamic bearing spindle and a double-fed generator. 196W power density per square meter significantly reduces energy costs. G114 long blade is more suitable for medium and low speed wind area, increasing its swept area. Under the premise of the same rating power, thus reduces the power density and increases generating capacity. The main innovation is the fan with 56 m long blades to achieve the world's leading 114 m rotor diameter. Blade design refer to design and operating experience accumulated launched in 2010 of G97 blade and innovation, to optimize aerodynamic performance, while taking into account the ease of manufacturing. In order to further reduce manufacturing costs, and optimize the depth aerodynamic performance, the G114 blades also use a modular design and the new manufacturing processes using vacuum infusion glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites.

Till to releasing this article, G114-2.0 MW wind turbines installed worldwide platform is more than 370 MW and was installed in the United States, Brazil, Sweden, Italy and Portugal and many other markets.

With outstanding performance, G114-2.0 MW was elected as the best land-use wind turbine by power industry professional journals, WINDPOWER MONTHLY 2014 (less than 2.9 MW). From 2013 to now, Gamesa won the crown for two times.

Pakistan, as one of the new markets of Gamesa development in the Asia-Pacific region, was paid more attention by Gamesa. Strategy of Gamesa Asia-Pacific region starting from the beginning of 2014, has made gains. In Asia, except China, Gamesa footprint touched in Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and the total installed capacity of more than regional markets are over 7 million kilowatts.

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