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Introduction on famous wind power equipment manufacturer Part Eight and Nine

Acciona Energy

Acciona Energy is part of the Spanish builders Acciona Group. It is the world's largest wind farm builders and developers. Company data show that between 2004 and 2009, the company produced 2,139 sets of wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 3,211.50 MW and entered the ranks of the world's major wind turbine manufacturers.

Acciona Energy's principal activities are more concentrated in the Spanish market. It currently has three wind turbine manufacturing plants. Among of them, two plants are in Spain, the other one is in the United States. The annual production capacity is 2025 MW. As of the end of 2009, wind farms in 12 countries worldwide including the United States, Mexico, China, Italy, France, Britain, etc., are fitted with Acciona Energy’s wind turbine.

From September 2005 to May 2006, Acciona Group signed an agreement with China Aerospace Science and Technology Group and China Western Business Group to invest in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China and build China's largest wind power equipment manufacturing company, which is China's first domestic wind turbine to use Spain technology.

Suzlon Energy Ltd.

When the Indians Tulsi Tanti originally founded multinational green energy companies in India, there have been critics who believed that for suffering blackouts trouble, that was simply nonsense. However, just ten years time, Tanti has made his Suzlon Energy Ltd. to be the world's famous wind turbine manufacturer. 90 percent of orders are from markets outside India, including USA and many parts of South America.

Suzlon has become a integrated multinational companies, mainly engaging in the design and development of wind energy technology, wind power equipment manufacturing, wind farm design, construction, and technical consulting services. The company’s wind turbine assembly plants and parts manufacturing plant are in India, international sales headquarters is in Denmark, R & D institutions is in Germany and the Netherlands, and now also has offices in Beijing. Company focusing on the development of a megawatt-class wind turbines, has been ranked India's largest wind turbine manufacturers in consecutive seven years, occupied 1/3 of India's market share, has developed a total installed capacity of 200 megawatts of Asia's largest wind farm. In 2004, the company has 3.9% international market share, ranking No. 6 in the world’s wind turbine manufacturers and ranking No. one in Asia.

As an Indian company, Suzlon firstly break through the local foreign companies surrounding and become India's domestic leader. After successfully listing of India, Suzlon has rapidly expanded global expansion. In 2006, Suzlon used $ 56.6 million to buy Belgian wind turbine gearbox manufacturer Hansen Transmission Ltd.. In the same year, Suzlon strategic objectives aiming at China, founded Suzlon Energy (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., and invest $ 60 million to build the overall wind turbine manufacturer, mainly produced 1.5 megawatt turbines.





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