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Introduction on famous wind power equipment manufacturer Part Three

For many Chinese readers, Enercon might be strange. However, according to latest data from Global wind energy council, total installed capacity of the company in 2009 is after Vestas, ranking second in the world. Currently, tt is also the largest wind turbine manufacturing company in Germany. Enercon company was founded in 1984 by German engineer, Aloys Wobben with his team. Its headquarter office locates in Aurich, north Germany.


Perhaps because the founder members were engineers, technical innovation is Enercon’s strength. The main components like turbine blades produced by the company are researched and developed by themselves. In 1991, Enercon developed the world’s first gearless ( direct drive ) wind turbines, which adopted a new gearbox and can improve the speed of wind turbine. In 1993, the company began mass production of such wind turbine and made new standards for energy output, reliability and service life and so on. In 2002, Enercon company installed its first 4.5 MW wind turbine. Till the end of 2004, this model was still the largest wind turbine in the world. However, as the founder, Aloys Wobben considered that the risk of offshore wind power was higher than onshore wind power, therefore, Enerson company has not involved in the field of offshore wind power by now.


Enercon company’s main markets is in Germany. In 2009, the company installed about 8000 units of wind turbines in Germany. Their installed capacity was more than 10,000 megawatts. Market share was over 60% in German market. In the worldwide, Enercon totally installed more than 16,000 units of wind turbines and installed capacity reached 20,000 MW. They have production workshops in Sweden, Brazil, India, Turkey and Portugal. They have sales offices in 15 countries. Enercon has not yet enter China market. 



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