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Introduction on famous wind power equipment manufacturer Part Four

Nordex company founded in Denmark in 1986 and mainly produced wind turbines. In 1987, the company created the world's largest wind turbine with 250 kilowatts-class series. In 1995, the company created the world's first megawatt-class wind turbines. In 2000, the company moved its headquarters to Hamburg, Germany, reorganized assets and produced the world’s first 2.5 MW wind turbines. In 2001, Nordex officially listed in Frankfurt, Germany. In early 2005, Nordex completed the capital reorganization and further enhanced the competitiveness in the global market. Now, Nordex has R&D institutions and production bases in Germany, Denmark, India, China, Spain and other places. According to Enercon’s data, only in 2008, its new installed capacity growth reached 60%. In 2009, Nordex became one of the top five wind turbine manufactures in German market.

Nordex became its business since 1995 in China. As one of foreign fan manufactures to enter China market, Nordex established one joint venture company to conduct the fan assembly in Xi’an in 1998. To date, Nordex has installed more than 350 wind turbines in China, Qingdao Huawei wind farm was among of them, which was financed by DEG (German investment and development association limited). At that time, it was the first domestic wind farm and totally used megawatt wind turbines. At the end of 2006, Nordex established Yinchuan Wind Power Equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Yinchuan, which was committed to assembly 1.5MW wind turbine nacelle. In addition, Nordex also established blade factory in Dongying in January, 2007, specially produced 1.5MW wind turbine blade.





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