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India Suzlon Energy company will build a 600 mw offshore wind power pilot projects

Recently, India main wind Energy solution provider, Suzlon Energy, introduces its pilot project plan on setting up offshore wind power in India western state of Gujarat.
Chairman of the board of directors of Suzlon Energy company, Tulsi Tanti recently announced that the 600 mw offshore wind pilot project is progressing smoothly at Gujarat coast. They has embarked on the project technical feasibility study, and the project is scheduled for next year construction, and put into production within 3 ~ 5 years. Project total expenditure is about USD9.23 billion.
Suzlon Energy company has good technology advantage in project construction. In 2007, they acquired RE power company, which is one of the leading enterprises in the European offshore wind power market. In the first half of this year, Suzlon Energy company sold out RE power company (later renamed Senvion). But some people think that Suzlon Energy company perhaps has mastered some professional offshore wind power technology from Senvion.
For Suzlon Energy, the pilot project is critical to maintain its leadership position in Indian market.

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