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Wind power market development trend

Looking forward to the next five years, after 2014, the wind power market will return to normal growth. New power market will be on 6-10% growth until 2018. The cumulative growth market will keep 12-14% of the growth between in 2015 and in 2018. Total installed capacity will be doubled at the end of the five year, that is, it is 300GW in 2013 and it will be 600GW in 2018. 
In terms of regional, wind power development will still focus in Asia, North America and Europe. The next five years, however, we will see more market differentiation. Brazil's wind power will be growing by leaps and bounds, which is expected to achieve top three or top four in the world in the next five years. And African countries will also have a little growth under the leading of South Africa. And in the coming decades, more variation will probably be in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia plan to achieve 50GW of renewable energy development goal in 2030.The next ten years, wind power will spread to wider areas from focused development situation and the next five years will be the prelude of the start of the change.
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