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European Investment Bank invest 587 million Euros to world’s largest offshore wind farm

The European Investment Bank (EIB) signed a cooperation agreement with the Government of the Netherlands to provide 587 million Euros of 15years long-term low-interest loans to finance the Netherlands being developed, called "Gemini" (Gemini) offshore wind farm construction. Gemini offshore wind farm locates sea area in the north of the Netherlands, where is 85 kilometers away from coastline. They will build 150 new stands with single capacity of 4000KW new wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 600,000 KW in the 65 square kilometers of sea area. Wind force is average 5degree in the sea area, Sea wind resources mean wind 5 degrees, but the new wind turbine rotor blade section can be automatically adjusted and normal operation in case of a hurricane 11 degrees. The new turbine blades can be up to 150 meters above sea level and can be called the highest building in Europe at present, hence it needs comprehensive and rigorous demonstration of the ecological impact the environment. Power from Gemini offshore wind farm is connected to the coast grid via submarine cable. Control center was built on the coast, with a total project cost of about 2.8 billion Euros.

Gemini offshore wind farm is currently the world's largest wind farm under construction, is also the world's largest renewable energy generation projects by now. Electricity sales are mainly responsible by the Dutch Delta energy company. The European Investment Bank (EIB), Northland Power, the Danish pension funds (PKA) and International commercial bank consortium compose , joint investment parties. In view of the wind farm good wind resources, Gemini offshore wind farm is expected to produce electricity to meet the electricity needs of 1.5 million consumer population, just equivalent of the neighboring provinces of Frisian, Drenthe and Groningen sum population of north of the Dutch.

On the agreement signing ceremony, Pin Vin BALLEKOM, vice president of the European Investment Bank, said the project is milestone, that is, investment in infrastructure to ensure the security of energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing building operating costs (using new technology), but also helping Dutch to achieve emission reduction targets determined by EU.


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