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China's first kiloton all terrain crane XCMG QAY1000 composing brilliant

Few days ago, in one wind farm in Fujian, China's first-kiloton all terrain crane-XCMGQAY1000 based on superior performance and reliability, successfully completed the installation of 2.0MW wind power nacelle.

This wind farm is planning to install 24units of 2.0MW wind turbine. At installation site, narrow roads, steep slope, more transitions, extreme wind speed, put forward highe rrequirements for lifting operation. After having repeatedly argued by parties, due to high reliability and superior performance, XCMG QAY1000 all-terrain cranes worked for the big project.

From the approach of XCMG QAY1000to base installation, and then installation of the cabin, the entire installation project just used 1.5days. More specifically, during cabin installation, from smoothly lifting to installation in place, XCMG QAY1000 just used 14minutes, which created a legend of large tonnage crane hoisting. For this construction,by efficient, safe and precise performance, XCMG QAY1000 not only attained the praise of customers, but also established the status of the king of the XCMG large tonnage all-terrain crane.


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