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Heavy Transportation Company

One of our domestic customers has nearly 200sets of trailers, about 6300ton. It has completed national chemical, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy and other key projects of large-scale equipment transportation and heavy lifting task for many times. It always maintains the longest road transport record, the highest, the widest and the heaviest lifting equipment in east China.

Meanwhile, it went into large hoisting and transportation market of other countries, such as, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Djibouti Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Southeast Asia, India, Vietnam, etc. And it also established large hoisting and transportation branch in Nigeria and Djibouti. Under 100% of the contract performance rate, it provided a safe, efficient, high quality and large equipment, transportation, installation services for Chinese enterprises in these countries, for example, China Railway, China National Petroleum, China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CMEC) and Shandong electric power construction company (SEPCO) contract of engineering construction.

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