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Large slope place road transport assurance measures for windmill blade, nacelle and tower

1 Large slope place road transport preparation

Wind farm site road drawings show road slope i> 14% in sections of place, and fans equipment transport is more difficult. To ensure fans equipment safely pass the large slope special road, it needs to be prepared from the following aspects to ensure the fan equipment transport vehicles can safely pass.

1) Before the wind farm road construction, according to the actual terrain, geological conditions, fully optimizing for road, do utmost to slow down road slope, creating conditions for wind turbine equipment transport.

2) Wind farm road surface should not be laying sand or gravel before transporting fans equipment, because sand or gravel will cause tire slippage. It is better to temporarily use broken concrete block, construction waste and slag, and so on, to reclaim road, and cover the surface with soil being mixed gravel to increase road surface friction coefficient and improve transporting performance.

3) Using suitable trailer according to site road design slope, turning radius, pavement, length and other equipment.

4) If the slope is too big and trailer hauling capacity cannot meet the requirement, then add one loader to auxiliary tow in front of trailer.

2 Large slope place road transport safety measures

In order to ensure the safe passage of large wind turbine equipment on big slope road, it needs to take the following measures to reinforce the fan equipment in advance to ensure transport safety.

Reinforcement bundling solution and principles:

Make some special tools bundling reinforcement, protect equipment during transport stability to improve efficiency, safety.

Put rubber plate between fans equipment and trailer in order to increase the coefficient of friction and prevent equipment sliding on the trailer during transport.

Support between fans equipment and trailer must be able to ensure safe operation. Load on the main beam of trailer shall not exceed the design requirement.

Fans equipment must be tied securely, sufficient tension strength must ensure that any movement on trailer will not happen at any time.

When bundling equipment, it is a must to protect equipment. Using Steel wire rope with hoses or professional nylon lock to ensure equipment surface or packing without any damage.

Nacelle bundling method: Use wire rope and 5ton chain block at the bundling position of equipment base.

Tower bundling method: Use professional nylon lock and 5ton chain block at the bundling position of the equipment base.

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