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Sideloader (Side lifter) Advantages

Sideloader (Side lifter) Advantages

Packing and unpacking the containers is done safely on the ground.

Stuffing and de-stuffing at site saves expensive port charges and the need for double handling.

Exporters can consolidate their cargo directly in the container, saving time and warehouse space.

Sideloaders enable easier and efficient handling of 20-40 foot containers. The first stage of handling involves the grounding of your container. This is done with a Sideloader which is a trailer fitted with cranes at both ends. This arrangement allows for loading and unloading containers to or from the ground. The actual time taken by the Sideloader to load or offload the container is only a few minutes and it eliminates the lengthy time and effort needed to co-ordinate between the trailer driver and the crane operator to get the job done. The main advantage of using this system is that the whole procedure is carried out at ground level where it is both faster and safer. This also reduces the potential for accidents to workers and damage to goods.


Sideloader (Sidelifter) Container Loading Applications

The Sidelifter is the most versatile and cost effective piece of equipment for loading containers on the ground. There is no other way of delivering and retrieving containers that matches the accuracy and precision of Sidelifter container loading technology.

Container transfers can now take place anywhere that is safe and convenient. This can be at rail yards, transportation depots or any suitable rail siding.

Sideloader (Sidelifter) can transfer containers to other trailers, trucks and trains, or onto the ground, where they can also double-stack containers.

Container loading and unloading can take place on the ground, reducing the risk of injury. Waiting time for other lifting type machinery to become available is eliminated, as is the need for expensive ground preparation. This not only saves money for the transport operator; it also saves time for importers, manufacturers and distributors.

From sole transport operators through to fleet managers and logistics companies, there is nothing as cost effective or efficient as a Sidelifter.


Sideloader (Sidelifter) Trailer Productivity Gains

Designed for faster, safer and more flexible container handling, Sidelifter Trailers offer productivity gains. Reduce your transport costs, increase your profits and gain a competitive advantage.

Sideloader (Sidelifter) trailers increase your capacity to move more containers quickly and safely. The innovative container side loaders help improve efficiencies, saving time and increasing productivity.

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