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Safety control matter during heavy duty transportation

Heavy duty (Large cargo) transportation is completed. Due to oversize and overweight, it is very important to choose suitable route. Especially for remote area, some cargo cannot pass. Therefore, reasonable and reliable transportation design must be made in advance. 

The following is safety control matter:

Traffic control: It must be traffic control, close road subsection, monitoring during the whole journey.

Working time: It must be in daytime.

Running speed: Normal speed must be less than 5km/h, and under 2km/h on uneven road, and less than 3km/h when meeting obstacle.

Checking before start: Checking trailer and fixing situation to see if they are in good condition.

Checking during transportation: Keep equipments at the lever on transverse slope and longitudinal slope.

Stop: If stop for long time, it needs to put sole timber under beam of trailer, and low trailer height.


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