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container side loader (sidelifter)

We are professional Sliding container Side loader (Sidelifter) manufacturer in China. As we know, for long time, most of people know Steebro and Hammer in this field. By now, there are only several factories which can produce such product in China.  


Our Sliding container Side loader (Sidelifter) can load two units of 20 feet container or one unit of 40 feet container. It is professional and friendly services for transporting LOADED / UNLOADED sea containers.


A sidelifter is used in locations that do not have a loading/unloading ramp. This rapid mobile winch can load or unload containers weighing up to 40 tons in 7-10 minutes, making it possible to handle containers anywhere. With sidelifters, export and import containers are stored on the customer's own site, thereby reducing storage costs by cutting down on the amount of indoor storage space needed.


Our Sliding Sideloader is capable of lifting and transporting:

  • Dry Containers
  • Flat Racks
  • Platforms
  • Open Top Containers
  • LIFT UP TO 40,000kgs



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