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wind power tower trailer, windmill blade trailer

As we know, wind power is environmental protection. In recent years, wind power plants are increasing all around the world. Its working principle is simple, that is, the wind turns the windmill blades, which then makes the generator rotate and produce electricity. According to statics, wind-generated electricity has been increasing by more than 30 percent each year. Denmark makes 14 percent of its electricity from wind. In one of the states of Germany, the figure is nearly 30 percent. At present, the biggest overland wind power plant is now being built in Fantanele, Romania. Therefore, stable transportation is very important to guarantee this project will finish on time.

We are trailer manufacture in China. We are in a good position to produce extendable trailer and heavy duty trailer to transport rotor and windmill blade. Our trailer is stable and reliable, and has been export to Russia and Ghana in 2011. The following pictures are our wind power tower trailer, windmill blade trailer.



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