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Combination Accessories - Hydraulic Gooseneck
  • Combination Accessories - Hydraulic Gooseneck

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China heavy modular trailer


Hydraulic gooseneck includes gooseneck, slewing bearing, steering cylinder, power pack, support cylinder, connecting frame, towing panel, etc. Its advantages are list as below:

1. With gooseneck, it is no need to put counter weight on the truck (prime mover).
2. In China, gooseneck trailer (called semi trailer) is allowed to run on high way, tow bar trailer (called full trailer) is not allowed.
3. Hydraulic gooseneck trailer has more stable and accurate steering compared to tow bar trailer.
4. When turning in narrow road, it needs to manually steer on whole trailer and it is better to use tow bar trailer.
5. The force prime mover bore from gooseneck is adjustable.
6. Height of kin pin is adjustable, so it is easy to detach gooseneck (trailer) from tractor.


Main Technical Parameters and drawing of Hydraulic Gooseneck



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