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MAFI Roll Trailer
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  • MAFI Roll Trailer

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MAFI Roll Trailer


MAFI Roll trailer 
Overall Dimension: 12,500 x 2,600 x 800mm
Uniformly Distributed Load: 90000kg
Tare Weight: 6500kg
MAFI Roll trailer, a transportation instrument specified for containers, is mainly used in storage yard or dock with the capacity of two 40’ containers and four 20’ containers. Forklift pocket is equipped on the front end of the roll trailer and wheels are on the rear end. When transporting containers, we just need to fork up the roll trailer from the front end and drag to the destination. Such roll trailer can be loaded and transported directly together with containers on ships during shipment without the procedure of using other lifting appliance .With the advantages of easy for shipment and simple for operation, it can greatly save time and reduce the cost of shipment.

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