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wind turbine transport trailer
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Hyzer is heavy trailer manufacturer in China. Main products are hydraulic modular trailer, windmill transport trailer, turbine trailer, tower trailer, extendable trailer and side loader for container.


Windmill Transport Trailers

(Tower Section, Windmill Blade, Nacelle, etc.)

We currently manufacture & offer trailers that can meet 1.5-3.0MW windmill transport, including Tower Section, Nacelle, Windmill Blade, wheel hub, etc.

> Windmill Blade Transporter (Extensible boom trailer) (37.5-60m)

1. Extendable Boom Trailer (Non-steerable) mainly for 1.5MW wind blade 37.5m long
2. Extendable Boom Trailer (Steerable) for 2.0MW wind blade 45m long
3. Hydraulic Steerable Extend Boom Trailer for 2.0MW-3.0MW windmill blade 45m-55m long
4. Wind blade transport adaptor


> Windmill Nacelle Lowbed Trailer (60-100T)

> Windmill Tower Section Trailer (4.5-6m width, 15-30m length, 50-100T), Tower Section transport adaptor


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