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flat bed trailer


Different types of Flat Bed Trailers can be availed from us. These trailers are extremely durable and come in a length of 40 feet. Our trailers are offered to the clients at cost-effective rates. Moreover, these trailers are capable of sustaining adverse weather condition.


We show 40 feet flat bed specification as below:

Length: 12, 355 mm± 10mm (approximate) Width: 2, 490 mm ± 10mm (including mud guard) Height: 1, 451mm @ unload (without twist locks)
King Pin Location: 450 mm from the front face of the front bolster (No confirm).
Fifth Wheel Height: 1, 230mm with the chassis level (No confirm).
Landing Gear location: 2, 420mm behind the king pin location (No confirm).
(The above dimension will be adjusted according to the tractor specification. )

Tare Weight: Approximate 6, 000 kg
Max. Payload: 35, 000 kg
GVWR: 41, 000 kg

OEM Parts Configuration:
King Pin: 2" welding king pin, supplier & type: JOST
Twist Locks: Twelve (12) retractable ISO type twist locks.
Landing Gear: 2 speed road side winding with sand shoe, Lifting capacity 24T. Type: JOST D200T
Suspension: Mechanical suspension with 10 pieces leaf springs
Axles: Square axle with 13 tons capacity which is YORK Brand, Made in China.
Rims: 7.5-20, 10 Holes ISO, 13 pieces.
Tires: 10.00-20, Nylon Tires, 13 pieces; Linglong Brand.
Brake System: Dual air brake system, 2*40 Liters Air Pressure Tanks; WABCO relay emergency valve, none ABS brake system.
Brake Chamber: 30/30 type on rear two axles, 30 type on front axle
Electrical System: Complete 24V installation with modular wiring harness.

Spare Tire Carrier: Equipped one set per chassis with
one set spare tire.
Side Guard: None Steel Side Protection.

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