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  • 40' container semitrailer

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40' container trailer


The range is valued by our clients due to their easy maintenance, easy availability of speared parts, heavy duty undercarriage and heavy duty reinforced attachments.

40 FT Trailer Tri-Axle and Bi-Axle can be available. Dimension:
Length: Approx 12, 395 mm
Width: Approx 2, 490 mm(including mud guard)
Height: Approx 1, 448mm @ unload

Tare Weight(Tolerance 0~-4%): Approx7, 300 kg
Max. Payload: Approx 30, 480 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight: 37, 780 kg
Steel Structure:
Material: High strength low alloy steel with Q345(350MPa) yield strength is used for welded I-beam and Q235(235MPa) yield strength steel is used for the fabricated parts.

Platform: Checked steel floor, the thickness is 3mm.
OEM Parts Configuration:
King Pin: 2" bolting king pin. Brand: JOST.
Twist Locks: Twelve(12) units retractable ISO type twist locks.
Landing Gear: 2 speed road side winding with sand shoe, Lifting capacity 24T. Type:
JOST D200T, left operating. Made in China.
Suspension: Three axle air suspension with no axle lifting. Chinese brand choose by the factory.
Axles: 150x150 square axle with 13 tons capacity. Brake: S420x180, Wheel fitting
10xM22x1.5/ PCD335/281. Type: BPW. Made in China.
Rims: 11.75-22.5, 10 Holes ISO, 6 pieces + 1piece.
Tires: 385/65R22.5, 6 pieces+ 1piece. Chinese famouse brand, choose by the factory.

Brake chamber: Type 30/30 on the rear two axles, Type 30 on the front axle.
Electrical System: 24 volt lighting system 7 way ISO receptacle


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